Department of Medicine

Sl No Doctors Name Doctors  Designation Mobile No E- Mail
1 Dr. Ashok. M. L Professor 98450 10969
2 Dr. Prakash. K. G Professor 98450 08293
3 Dr. Raveendra. K. R Professor 94481 34587
4 Dr. Nirmala. A. C Professor 96206 68800
5 Dr. Narayana Swamy Professor 98800 70283
Associate Professors
1 Dr. Aravind G.N                 Associate Professors 99019 11009
2 Dr. Sivaranjani. H Associate Professors 94484 32344
Assistant Professors
1 Dr.Hemachandra P           Assistant Professors 98453 57919
2 Dr. Giri. G. V Assistant Professors 97408 41320
3 Dr. Srinivas. G Assistant Professors 99861 45631
Senior Residents
1 Dr. Gangadhar. H. C Senior Residents 99016 44880
2 Dr. Gopi Chand Senior Residents 94480 02503



“No greater opportunity or obligation can fell the lot of a human being than to be a physician. In the case of suffering he needs technical skill, scientific knowledge and human understanding” true to this quote by Dr. Harrison the Department of Internal Medicine gives the best medical care to the patients and is a power house of knowledge. Our department is the major pillar in the functioning of the two hospitals Victoria and Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospitals. It was started in the year 1955. It is one of the oldest Department in the history of BMC & RI, Bangalore. We receive patients from all walks of life, not only from Bangalore City, but also from all over the state as well as country. Department of Medicine is a tertiary care providing Department.

Department of Medicine Consists of one Professor and HOD,5 Professors, 6 Associate Professors, 7 Assistant Professors and 5 Senior Residents. Each unit has one Professor / Associate Professor as a unit head, one Assistant Professor and one Senior Resident.
Facilities available in the Department at Victoria Hospital and Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital:
Wards, OPD, Emergency.
ICU with Ventilatory Support.
ART Centre, RNTCP, Diabetic Clinic.
Departmental Library and Seminar Hall.

Functioning of the Department:

The Staff in the Department are divided into 9 units, with 4 units in Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital and 5 Units in Victoria Hospital.

Each unit functions as a team managing the OPD, Wards, Emergency, ICU as well as teaches Under Graduate and Post Graduate Students.

The Unit Head supervises admissions and discharge of patients. He also Co – ordinates the unit’s activities like Teaching, Patient Care and Research work.

The Staff takes active participation in teaching schedule of UGs and PGs, both bedside as well as in lecture classes.

Internal assessment tests are conducted regularly for the UGs.
Clinical and Subject Seminars, Journal Clubs and CMEs are also conducted for UGs and PGs.

Post Graduates are guided in their dissertation by their respective guides.

We run a Diabetic Clinic exclusively for diabetic patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays
ART Centre is run by our Department at both the Hospitals and all nodal centres.

We attend Rome Programme and Health Camps

We attend VIP duties. Whenever VIPs visit is there.

Department is providing consultant physician services to Vidhana Soudha during sessions.

Medical facilities are given by the Department round the clock during Emergencies and Mass Casualties.

In Victoria Hospital, 5 Units run the OPD, Monday to Friday, one on each day and they rotate OPDs on Saturday and Sunday.

The Unit running the OPD takes care of all the emergency cases and admissions on that particular day from 9 AM till 9 AM next day. The OPD functions from 9 AM to 4 PM every day. After 4 PM all the cases coming to the hospital will be seen in the emergency.

Patients who require emergency care, ICU and ventilatory support are explained about the need for the same and shifted to the ICU on consultation with the anesthetist.

We also see patients referred from other departments as well as to give medical fitness for surgeries undertaken in our hospitals. The lab and radiology facilities are utilized to support our diagnosis.

We also carryout Research, ICMR Studies and Clinical Trials in the Department.
The Department actively participates in various conferences and presenting papers under various categories and we also publish original articles in various National and International Journals.


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