Department of E N T

Sl.No Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr.H.S.Satish MBBS, MS(ENT) Professor & Medical Superintendent V H  
2 Dr.M.Mahesh Babu MBBS, MS(ENT) Professor & HOD
3 Dr.Viswanatha.B MBBS, MS(ENT) Professor
4 Dr.C.Ravishankar MBBS, MS(ENT) Associate Professor
4 Dr.R.K.Datta MBBS, MS(ENT) Associate Professor
6 Dr.R.Anil Kumar MBBS, MS(ENT) Assistant Professor
7 Dr.G.M.Puttamadaiah MBBS, MS(ENT) Assistant Professor
8 Dr.M.D.Prakash MBBS, MS(ENT) Assistant Professor
9 Dr.Dhanapala.N MBBS, MS(ENT) Assistant Professor
10 Dr.Roopashri.T.J MBBS, DLO Senior Resident
11 Dr.Shashikala.B.S MBBS, DLO Senior Resident
12 Dr. Vijayashree MBBS, MS (ENT) Senior Resident

a. Milestones :Started from 1975 as an Endowment building
b. 1995 – OT facility & Wards both male & female wards started functioning.
c. Courses provide :DLO – 2 years
MS (ENT) – 3 years
d. Services : along with general ENT care,Mastoidectomy with Tympanoplasty, stapedotomy, Endoscopic sinus surgeries are performed regularly.
e. One child with Congenital deafness has undergone Cochlear implantation.
f. We provide 24 hours ENT emergency services.

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