Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

Disease can result when the balance among all of the foods and nutrients we take or avoid is disrupted. Health can be restored once we begin to take in the proper essential balance of foods and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Nutrient related disorder can also be cured once nutritional balance is achieved.

The Dietary department at Victoria hospital helps the patients to understand the need for therapeutic diet which is prescribed by the doctors based on their clinical conditions. The primary purpose of the Dietary department is to provide a well-balanced, nutritionally adequate diet for each patient.

We aim at providing a blend of home-cooked foods that are characteristic of the area and contributing to the recovery of health, through scientifically prepared diets & educating the patients regarding use & utility of different foods & balanced diet.

Staffing includes:


Kitchen Materan

Diet Counseling:

The department provides inpatient and outpatient, individual nutrition counseling. Inpatient nutrition education is provided by the Dietitian. Outpatient nutrition consultation is provided by the Dietitian upon receiving a written order from the physician. The Dietary department realizes the importance of involvement of a family in a patient’s lifestyle; family members are encouraged to join a patient in nutrition education sessions.

Dietary Department: Extn- 326

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