Outpatient services

The out patient department works weekdays from 9AM to 1PM and 2PM to 4PM and on Sundays and general holidays from 9AM to 1PM. Wheel chairs and stretchers are available at the gate of the OPD for patients who are not in a position to walk or move. The hospital has 6 ambulances to commute patients. Every patient is issued a OPD card at the registration counters for the concerned doctors to record their observations, order for investigations, cross references and admission when necessary.
Essential drugs are also dispensed when ordered on the prescription pad of the Hospital by the doctors for free of cost.

Each speciality in the In patient and Out patient facilities are managed by a team of doctors under a Professor. Each professor is assigned one unit and is assisted by Associate professors, Asst Professors, lecturers, senior residents, post graduates and interns. Each of this unit is allotted one particular day of the week in which it manages the OPD and Emergencies. Like wise each of the surgical specialities also have specified days for operating in the major Ot and the Minor OT.

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